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Rubber Ball

Model:RUBBER BALL 1008

Description:Professional production of precision O-ring, rubber ring, sealing ring, rubber gaskets, PTFE seals, oil seals, rubber, plastic balls, rubber balls, PA ball, POM ball, PP ball, plastic sheet, PEEK / PPS sheet stick materials, electricity boards, PB fast buses, high-tech manufacturers. Products for aerospace, automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, satellite, valve ...,Rubber ball main type: NBR Rubber ball, Nitrile Rubber ball, NR Rubber ball, CR Rubber ball, BUNA Rubber ball, SBR Rubber ball, EPDM Rubber ball, HNBR Rubber ball, SILICONE Rubber ball, VITON Rubber ball. Rubber ball precision achieved +/-0.02 to 0.001 mm, not gather the mold line, none the fragments, the surface is smooth, high-tech, the high quality, provides for the high precise customer selects.

Complete series:AS568/DIN/BS/JIS/EN/API/ISO/ICE


Colour:White/Black/Red/Blue and customized colour


Sizes: Both standard sizes and customized sizes are available

Quotation Process
1. Customer shopping list by sending e-mail to or fax to 021-64135422, or inquiring 021-64130016.

2. Receipt of customer purchase list, model selection to provide customers with quotes (price list).
3. Specific agreed: delivery time, special requirements such matters.

Product Listing

  • Up item:RUBBER BALL 0001

  • Down item:RUBBER BALL 1001

  • Compound Information
    » Nitrile / NBR
    » Silicone / VMQ
    » Viton® / FKM
    » EPDM
    » HNBR
    » Neoprene / CR
    » SBR
    » Fluorsilicone / FVMQ
    » Aflas®
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