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Rubber X-ring


Description:X-Rings, also known as Quad-Rings®, can be used in a wide variety of static and dynamic sealing applications.The four-lobed design provides twice the sealing surface in comparison to a standard o-ring.   X-rings require less squeeze to maintain an effective seal; therefore, reducing friction and increasing seal life.X-Ring parting lines are between the lobes, away from the sealing surface, thus eliminating the problems of leakage often resulting from a parting line's irregular surface as found on an O-Ring.Sized to fit standard O-Ring grooves, X-Rings are ideal for reciprocating movement as they resist an O-Rings tendency to twist or roll in the groove.


Color:Black/ White/ Blue /Green and so on

1.Excellent resistance to ozone/climate/oil
2.It is convenient to install and disassemble
3.The fuction of sealing is better
4.low prices

Application:Auto, air condition, machinery, water pumps, valves, furniture, toys, pipes

Sizes: Both standard sizes and customized sizes are available

Quotation Process:
1. Customer shopping list by sending e-mail to or fax to 021-64135422, or inquiring 021-64130016.
2. Receipt of customer purchase list, model selection to provide customers with quotes (price list).
3. Specific agreed: delivery time, special requirements such matters.

Product Listing

  • Up item:NBR X-RING

  • Down item:EPDM X-RING

  • Compound Information
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    » Viton® / FKM
    » EPDM
    » HNBR
    » Neoprene / CR
    » SBR
    » Fluorsilicone / FVMQ
    » Aflas®
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